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    Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity is published by Pagan Publishing for the Call of Cthulhu . might prove to be a valuable ally for Delta Green—or an enemy. Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity - THE APOCALYPSE IS HERE The men Pagan Publishing. ADD TO WISHLIST >. PDF. $ 1 2 3 4 5. The latest two sourcebooks in the legendary Delta Green setting for Call of Cthulhu are now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG and.

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    Delta Green Targets Of Opportunity Pdf

    Format(s): Hardcover and PDF Like previous books it aims to expand the Delta Green universe through the addition of new DELTA GREEN: TARGETS OF OPPORTUNITY is a conglomeration of evils, many of them. Delta Green Targets of Opportunity + PDF. Not in stock. This product is subject to possible delivery delays. €. Price incl. VAT, plus Shipping. Delivery. Delta Green: Need to Know is the quick-start rulebook and Handler's The Handler's screen will be available for download in PDF (and will be.

    The men and women of Delta Green have pursued alien threats and supernatural horrors around the globe. But are they just saving it for something worse. Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity is a conglomeration of evils, many of them whispered in hints and rumors since the earliest days of Delta Green. An inhuman menace rises from the frigid waters of southern Alaska. Three hundred years ago the Haida Indians fought to stamp it out. They failed. Can Delta Green fare any better? A top-secret Canadian agency with a nationwide charter. Few of its members know its long history of using supernatural methods to battle the supernatural itself. Even fewer comprehend the terrible consequences that they face. Humanity has always quested for a means to defeat death.

    Arc Dream Publishing Tabletop roleplaying games and more. About What Is a Roleplaying Game? Share this: Like this: Like Loading Eyes Only , Delta Green: Targets of Opportunity. Posted August 8, at Shane Ivey. Posted August 8, at 9: Posted March 6, at Modern , Delta Green.

    This book is the most recent addition to Pagan Publishing's line of Delta Green sourcebooks. Like previous books it aims to expand the Delta Green universe through the addition of new conpiracies or potential adversaries.

    Unlike many previous Delta Green sourcebooks, in which the collected Appendices made up more than half the book, the five included in this volume only make up approximately 30 pages. They primarily concentrate on rules additions and more general source material.

    The five appendices are:. The book contains no scenarios as such, but describes many locations and characters in equivalent detail to that found in many adventures.

    Additionally notes are given as to "entry point" which could be used to involve an Investigator team. They think they're saving the world from horrific evil. It's a little harsh for a started, but really good. Lovecraft intentially incorporating similar but different or even contradictory references throughout his works, did the same for references to other works, and encouraged his writing friends to do more. References to Mu and hyperboria in lovecraft's, various permutations of cthulhu, Nylarthotep and Yog Sothoth being portrayed as very different being, etc.

    The Mythos was never meant to be a well defined and organized mythology, but a lose web of references and ideas tied together largely by theme and feel. Thus TD's fits perfectly, it's not a lovecraft story but tied in with the web of references and concepts that contain the mythose. Pratchett's discworld has a connection to the mythos, so does Neil Gaiman's the Graveyard Book which is a children's book, but a Gaiman children's book , there a few touches in the 40k rpg books by fantasy flight.

    All of these are things Lovecraft would have approved of, as that was the concept of the mythos. Something broad loose and intermixing with other ideas and stories. Lovecraft liked it, but he didn't write it. The term that grates people here is 'Hastur Mythos' which is an un-word created while writing it down out of ignorance and a pitiful attempt to sound grand.

    The form is a blank page. Thanks anyway. Countdown has a chapter entitled "The Hastur Mythos". It doesn't imply that there is a second brand like the Cthulhu Mythos. It is just a joke. Anon used it in all seriousness.

    And I doubt anon has read Countdown. And it was Lovecraft who began the weaving of those ideas and others into a broad mythos. It is very much part of the Cthulhu mythos. You are right that the term used is 'cthulhu mythos' but that mythos refers to far more than cthulhu. And to be fair, I feel that overall Chambers was a better writer than Lovecraft, but what Lovecraft did in terms of combining elements of the macabre and gothic horror with elements of science fiction and pulp literature, and creating the mythos as broad web of concepts was more significant than Chambers writing.

    And in any discussion of 'authenticity', or 'genuineness' to the mythos it is important to remember that this mythos was always intended to be a broad loose connection of reference. This of course means that the original poster hating on TD was even more of a troll, because he missed this essential point. All you need for a Link Diagram is a blank piece of paper and a ruler, or a drawing program to draw boxes and lines, or a wall covered in newspaper articles, photos, maps, thumbtacks and colored string.

    We're sorry...

    Again, it's the basic idea of a web of references and idea's through various works largely tied together by theme and imagery. The Cthulhu mythos is by far the largest example of this, to the point that the phrase "the mythos" or just "mythos", clearly means "the cthulhu mythos".

    But the basic ideas was intended from it's creation to be able to be applied to other collections. Notice how it is always capitalized. I was more hoping for something to provide my players with rather than myself.

    They're not exactly a "think outside of the box" bunch. If you don't hand them the tool, they don't think to use it.

    Of course, this is why I'm looking for a new group to play with. Notice my reference to "it's creation". My biggest struggle. They'd much rather bicker and argue with one another, or insist that they try to arm up like Rambo, rather than do investigating and occasionally get spooked by, well, spooky shit.

    It's more of a buzzkill than anything else, really. But it's a pretty fucking obvious connection, and there's more about it on the internet if you care to look it up.

    Actually the term Mythos was developed by Aristotle to describe the plot of tragedies in Ancient Greek. However, I have not seen the English word Mythos used in anything but reference to Lovecraft's ideas. Even when people refer to other contexts as 'Mythos' they always do it to evoke HPL.

    Now I believe my English is pretty good. But it IS a second language for me. Please point me to any example of the English word Mythos used for anything but a Lovecraft reference. I am always eager to learn when my preconceptions are wrong.

    I could dig up Lovecrafts writing where he talks about mythos as a general concept, but you are correct the current usage is typically in reference to only lovecrafts work.

    I've personally started using it in the broader sense in reference to comic book ideas, ie the Superman mythos, batman mythos, etc. Using mythos in the sense lovecrafted did. And few others have done the same, but we are the exception rather than the norm. OP here. Also, I've loaded all the ebooks onto my tablet and I'm going full binge mode. I think I can spring this on them. So a batman 'canon' is hard to define, as we know for example the story of the Jokers origins is radically different across various accepted instances of the story.

    So there is no 'canon' origin story for the character, instead there is a broad mythos of stories connecting the same character in a web of stories tied by similar ideas. Talk about self contradicting. People who are X-Files fans tend to fucking love DG. Even the creation of the new universe for the new movie series fits, as it's expressly a separate universe created by a known division from the previous one.

    And while there has been an effort to keep repeat certain stories, references, ideas, and themes, individual elements are NOT expected to be the same across incarnations. There is flexibility to it that allows for variation, and elements of these stories can appear in other stories without the expectation that it will exactly follow any given story, thus it is more accurately a 'mythos' than a 'canon'. Whereas how trained batman in fighting being very different in the Nolan movies and the original animated series is not considered a problem in any way.

    Similarly the idea of Authority is very important there, it's not always agreed on, but it is argued over. It's important. Where in batman, the original comic series isn't really considered any more authoritative than any other instances. Even if someone dislikes a given incarnation, they don't typically claim it's in inauthentic, just BAD. He's a big boy. I never really got what Wittgenstein point was. Which by the way I'm steeling from a paper called "Does your patient have a beetle in his box".

    What was considered symptoms of depression have changed over the years as medications that treat depression have changed. The point of wittgenstein is that none of those meanings were wrong, and there was nothing wrong with the changes in the uses. The changes in circumstances, in this case the development of medication, created changes in when and how the word was used, which therefore changed the meaning of the word, because words get their meaning solely from their use.

    My there was more of a push to keep the meaning of words 'textbook' when he coined the phase. Now a days it's just a bemoaned but accepted fact that it's the meaning of words shifts heavily. Likely perhaps the most depressing example, the use of the word literally to mean figuratively.


    I've always found him crap, with Machen and Ligotti and even Chambers providing much better written material. However, Lovecraft wrote frequently and passionately on some very good, very clever premises; it gives his work enough to go on that it doesn't mean he had to be the world's best writer to make it famous. Tell 'em you can run Dnd, old shit that you know and have played for years, or something new, original, fun, interesting, different like Men In Black and X-Files and True Detective.

    There is legend of a crab-man in the lake.

    Is it true? Is it just a tourist trap? Or are the PCs becoming mad? And don't forget that subverting the players's expectation is likely to scar them.

    If the crab man is reveal to be a tourist trap, that doesn't mean the story end there. Maybe a Mi-Go heard of it, and decided to study it, capturing its previous "victime" to discover its modus operandi, and the Mi-Go think that the PCs are the key to understand it. Maybe the new building desecrated a ritual, freeing the canibal spirit bound there by a shaman.

    Maybe a cult decided to take advantage of the town's reputation to mutate people in total impunity. Pffft, what a joke. Because your telly series wasn't accepted to the Cthulhu Club. Isn't it a bit embarrassing? Case in point, it was brought up here before the few of you who've been bickering about it in the thread.

    It's about shoggoths, turning people into cancer with orbital lasers and three or four conspiracies all running into their own inadequacies as the REALLY old darkness comes back. Very appropriate for Delta Green. Plus, Yog-Sothothery sounds like an amused, slightly exasperated name for all the letters you keep getting from fellows asking for all the details behind this and that. On that note, would you recommend getting into CoC, or just running with the Beta Standalone?

    Try the new DG. It is supposed to be fully compatible so you can switch back if it doesn't work out. It's like Brad Pitts plan in Fight Club, only you didn't need bombs to do it.

    Decaying structures have that sort of existential angst you rarely get from fiction. The South West is an area that it's hard for people to live in, it's hot and dry. You can't farm without a lot of work. The midwest is full of life. Water, soil, good weather, humanity could survive there without any technological assist.

    The fact that we can't manage to get people to live and work there just raises a "what the fuck are we doing? As you said, here there is not much life here where I live in the desert compared to the lush and fertile parts of the midwest.

    When I see a ghost town out here, it is clear what caused the demise; the mines run their course and the folks move on. The desert takes back what was left, by rust or dust.

    Delta Green Targets of Opportunity + PDF - Spheremaster Games

    Eventually you have nothing left and all is normal, all calm. For you, the desert is hidden from sight. In an otherwise beautiful and verdant landscape a power unspoken drives humans from the lands of their fathers. I think that shit is creepy. If so, I got nuffin' on undernet. Anyone know if there's more of it out somewhere? But there's this. Poor author, though.

    Trying to google things by his name only produces results on some supposed Australian pedophile. I'd forgotten it's name. I like them because they are the only anti-mythos force that isn't corrupted, abandoned, or outlawed. Their just kinda fucked because they've got the whole of the canadian north to deal with.

    My last delta green campaign actually ended with the agents and friendlies having to flee to canada. It was decided post-game that those who survived ended up joining M-Epic. This was also a campaign where my mathetician professor shot a helicopter into another helicopter while jumping from a moving car. Unfortunately that is all. The action is easy. You're government agents, even if delta green is unofficial, you've got a day job.

    And a decent number of those day jobs get access to guns and license to use them. You might not be able to call in military strike teams like took out innsmouth, but you can get a SWAT team and blow the the shit out of that cult if you find the evidence. Optimism is a little different.

    Delta Green: Eyes Only and Targets of Opportunity available as PDF

    First Delta green is the only fluff book that gives a semi-positive end to humanity. The GOOs come and destroy earth, but it's possible, if you're lucky and good, that by that point humanity has developed the means to flee the earth. But the other part is perspective.

    From the perspective of the GOOs nothing humanity does mattters, but from the perspective of your players they can. Because the main enemies in Delta Green are conspiracies, and several of those are such that your agents can Take Them Down.

    There isn't too much mythos power there, but there is lot of very human horror. And I treat it as a reward for my players. After adventures about unknowable horrors and untouchable government programs, I present them with a bunch of child abusers. And make it so they can take them out.

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